General Manuscripts

Resolute Publishing is an independent publishing collective that transforms dreams into realities for female writers. Resolute produces quality publications and products rooted in African-American culture and/or same-gender loving experiences. We welcome submissions from women of color that are committed to great storytelling and are also passionate readers.

Resolute is accepting completed, unpublished manuscripts to expand the collective. We welcome fiction and creative nonfiction submissions (excluding erotica). See “Submit Manuscript” below for details.      


  • All documents should be formatted in black, 12–point font (preferably in Times New Roman or Garamond) on a letter-size page (8.5” x 11”)
  • Ensure the manuscript has printer appropriate margins (a rule of thumb is 1-inch margins on all sides)
  • Include a header on the manuscript that contains your name
  • Ensure all pages are numbered and numbered in sequential order
  • Use a page break between all chapters
  • If quotations are included in your manuscript, include references or a bibliography. It is advised that you consistently use one style guide. It is the author’s  responsibility to clear the use of all quotations that are under  copyright. Resolute does not condone plagiarism.
  • Submit a finished manuscript that is (mostly) free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Save your manuscript with these specifications: First name_Title of work
  • Submissions should be created/saved with one of the following file extensions: .doc, .docx, .rtf
  • Do not send a file with security restrictions that prohibit printing
  • Manuscripts should be sent in one continuous file, not as separate files for each chapter or section

Please include a cover letter/message that addresses the following:

  • Legal first and last name, and your pen name (if applicable)
  • The title of the book, the genre of the book, and a brief description of your target audience
  • A brief summary of your book (in other words, what is your book about?)
  • Provide brief answers to these questions:
  1. Is this your first book? If not, what are your other titles and genres?
  2. Why did you write the book you are submitting?
  3. What are your writing and publishing goals?
Resolute Publishing